Koala Kumal has both enchanting story-telling and ability to lull its readers

Koala Kumal by Raditya Dika

Published by: Gagas Media on January, 10 2015.

Genres: Non fiction, Romance, Comedy.

Pages: 280.

Raditya Dika, a multi-talented young man, a best-seller book author and creativepreneur, marked his comeback once again through his seventh book, “Koala Kumal,” a collection book of comedy stories. Succeeding in pioneering comedy genre in the book industry, Dika set-up a new market for book by adopting a student’s personal blog as the gimmick. The next great success that was a real eye-opener in the book industry is the fact that comedy books could be widely accepted by readers in Indonesia. It brought a tremendous success that the book was being reprinted multi-times. Currently, other than playing some roles in movies (Cinta dalam Kardus, Cinta Brontosaurus, and Manusia Setengah Salmon) and as the actor behind the popular YouTube series “Malam Minggu Miko“, which is also aired on Kompas TV, Dika is also a famous stand-up veteran comedian in Indonesia. For both his old and new readers, his piece of work has always been tempting to read, thanks to his brilliant skill and style in presenting comedy with a heart.

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